Welcome to your new life, at least what little of the coming years tat you can call a life. The world has not ended, it is but waking from a long slumber. Waking to an order and harmony it holey finds displeasing, life is being held back and the forces that once were to Shepard souls to enlightenment; for a greater purpose they say, but that is yet to be seen. So arrives an enigmatic man who confronts you offering two choices, a better life or a viscous demise. Not that he himself shall kill you but death most certainly is in your future, if it has not yet already occurred.

His request, is a simple assassination.

Now a variety of questions could scamper through your mind like “If your are so powerful why don’t you kill whoever it is ?” or “Why would I work for someone who is threatening to kill me?” but the greatest question comes after he tells you who to ill. “My son, Adail the Lord of Light.”

Whether you know of this world, magic, or anything you know of this lord as though the idea was implanted in your brain. The lord of light is a god, an angel, a remnant of the universes creation and now under pain of soon to be or even becoming re-dead you must kill a god under request of his father. The world is a funny place.

Return of The Demiurge